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Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Reasons Why You're Still SingleNo one likes to admit that they’re single  especially when majority of your friends have settled down and started having families. Although it might seem like you have incredibly bad luck with the ladies, chances are there’s a few reasons you’re still single even if you aren’t aware of the reasons why. Consider the following reasons you might still be single.

You Play Hard to Get

Do you pretend to be busy when asked out? Pretend not to care when you really do? Playing hard to get makes it hard to find Mr./Ms. Right. In fact, it’s likely to attract just the sort of person who will make you unhappy: someone who doesn’t feel comfortable being close.

You’re Fixated on Your Ex

Idealizing an old mate makes it hard to find a new one.

This is a particular problem for “avoidant” people: Uncomfortable with intimacy, they push their partner away. But once the relationship ends, their love resurfaces and they convince themselves that the failed

Build Strengthen Friendship, Here Its Tips

Build Strengthen FriendshipA friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow. ― William Shakespeare

Here are ways to encourage stronger relationship with your friends :

# Be more conscious of your friendships, Sometimes we are so busy with life and family that we forget that we have friends. We need to be aware that the friends in our lives won’t be there forever. Although they may be “just” a neighbor or classmate today, it doesn’t mean they will be tomorrow. Be aware that the people you spend time with as friends is the first step in building stronger relationships.

# Express your gratitude. Let your friends know that you value your friendship. Tell them. Write them a note. Did you see the collector’s edition of their favorite movie while you were out? Buy a copy. Surprise your friend by taking him or her out for lunch or dinner at one of their favorite places.

# Don’t take friendships for granted, don’t forget that friendship is a choice, not an

Love Yourself, Here Its Tips

Love Yourself,If someone was to ask you now “Do you love yourself?” your immediate answer should be yes. This is because if you don’t love yourself, it makes it hard for anyone else to love you. I have learned a lot about how to love yourself through my journey to find my soulmate. I learned that it’s the most important thing you can do right here, right now to increase attraction of them to you. Most conflicts in relationships happen because of feeling hurt when the other person didn’t do what you wanted or expected. But if you loved yourself fully, you would just be able to talk to them openly and honestly about your problem and know they will still love you. This is because you are communicating with them about these issues in order to learn, grow and understand yourself more.

A great way to start even changing those thoughts to more positive ones is to write up small pieces of paper with positive affirmations on them and stick them around your house.

Use words in the present tense too so you know they are true now,

Get A Woman and Ways To Attract Her

How to get a woman, let me guess, finding it hard to find a date my friend. Take it thats why your reading this article on How to get a woman Well i’m going to help you out here by giving you some tips on how to get a woman. And when you put these tips into action, you will no longer need to search on the internet on how to get a woman. I am confident i will be able to provide you the help you need. So lets answer your question How to get a woman.

The first thing you need to do is get some confidence when approaching women. You need to get on a level where you can walk up to a woman and start talking to them without any trouble, otherwise your going to be a big mess. If you’re freaked out, it’s gonna be pretty hard for you to act “normal” and to be yourself. And it’s going to be even harder to try new things and use techniques that you’re learning if you’re uptight. A tip for you, if your out and about in the next few weeks.

Dating Tips For Women and Men

Dating can be a tricky business! What should you wear? Where should you meet? How much should you say? Who should pay? How soon after your date should you call? There are endless questions that can spin around your head before, during and after a date, which is why, we’ve compiled a list of some top dating tips for women and men, to help make sure your date is an ultimate success!

For Women :

# Never invite us in after a first date, Yes of course we will ask you but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want you to say yes. A kiss on your doorstep is enough to reassure us that you are interested but if you invite us in for the night we will start to wonder if this happens to every guy you date. This is a bit of a subconscious thing with men, and although we think we want to spend the night at your place after a first date, in the cold light of the morning after we will be relieved that it didn’t happen.

# Never empty your glass, You might be shaking like a leaf and nothing would settle

Make Your Love Long Last with This Helpful Tips

Love is one of these things that seems like it will last forever – until it doesn’t. Then you’re left wondering what on earth you could have done differently. Now, you want to know how to make love last and you’re willing to make big chances in your life to get the love you had back and to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere this time. When you want to make love last you have to work at finding new ways to keep love alive. Any fire needs to be tended. Sometimes you need to fan the flames high by adding a heaping helping of attention and adoration to the fire as kindling. At other times it will need to be left alone for a while so that it can keep you warm during those long cold nights without burning out too fast due to its intensity. Other times it just needs another log added to the fire so that it can catch on its own and burn brighter and hotter for a little while. Love works pretty much the same way. You just need to learn to anticipated what your fire needs next in order to

Proven Ways To Make Better Relationships

Relationships that work are the ones that are worked on. I often get asked for relationship advice from people trying to prevent a relationship break up and the lack of trust in relationship is usually the biggest cause of problems. If you are wondering where to begin, here are some areas that can always use :

Acknowledgment. From simply saying thank you to expressing your appreciation on a deeper level, you need to let each other know that you are grateful for one another’s actions and supportive of each other’s efforts. Look for every opportunity to show your partner that you are receiving your love’s positive energy and responding appropriately.

Interdependence. Being truly interdependent means being involved with each other in a supportive manner without compromising your values or sacrificing yourself for the relationship.  Interdependence means having time to yourself as well as time together. The key is finding the right balance.

Playfulness. Have fun together. Whether it’s the tried-and-true or something new, being playful keeps your love growing. Every time you do something to make your partner smile, it creates chemicals like oxytocin, sometimes called the “cuddle hormone,” in both of your brains, which

Keep Him Interested To You

Love and passion are very important to women any women. These are important elements in women’s lives that need to be fulfilled. They are our souls. However what usually happen is few years into marriage, women commonly find themselves in a situation where there is no love, affection and passion anywhere to be seen or felt. You must realize that the short of of romance in a relationship does not imply the lack of love. However, it may perhaps lead your marriage in a direction that you do not desire to go. The lack of romance as well as appreciation from your partner can make you suffer and therefore make you unhappy as a couple. When you aren’t content with how the marriage is going, things can easily break down.

Some complain of being bored. They want to feel adored by their partners. They want to insert their freedom. They are tired of disappointing you. They want a partner who places them at the center of their life, and they no longer feel like the priority in yours. Whatever the reason, men have an innate need to feel respected and appreciated by their partners. It is most

Great Way To Overcome Pain after A Breakup

Dealing with the painful heartache after a break up, is extremely difficult. Many people make the mistake of believing that the pain of a broken heart just goes away. They soon discover that the desire to be in love is still alive and kicking and the heartache is real, as real as grieving. Why is the pain of a break is so difficult to deal with them? Because you feel like you are the only person that is going through this excruciating type of pain. It is important to continue to seek improvement rather than trying to prevent the healing process. The healing process can begin if you stop dwelling on the break up. Get active by meeting other people and it is possible that you will meet someone new, someone that may be more dynamic that your lost love.

We carry around old emotional baggage from relationship to relationship. They prevent many of us from ever being happy or having a healthy relationship with ourselves and new partners. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Cut all contact. You need time to heal and so do they. Maintaining a channel of communication will

Problem and Solution about Relationships

The world is built on relationships, whether we acknowledge them or not. We have temporary, all too brief interactions with people, strangers on the street and then we have the longer moments with others. It is these moments that we should be concerned with.  It’s the rare couple that doesn’t run into a few bumps in the road. If you recognize ahead of time, though, what those relationship problems might be, you’ll have a much better chance of getting past them. Even though every relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples have learned how to manage the bumps and keep their love life.

Problem : Communication

Solving Strategies :

  • Make an actual appointment with each other, Shimberg says. If you live together, put the cell phones on vibrate, put the kids to bed, and let voicemail pick up your calls.
  • If you can’t “communicate” without raising your voices, go to a public spot like the library, park, or restaurant where you’d be embarrassed if anyone saw you screaming.
  • Set up some rules. Try not to interrupt until your partner is through speaking, or ban phrases such as “You always …”